Do you have your holiday marketing plan in place?

Now it’s the uttermost time to do some keyword searches and plan your holiday marketing strategy.

And it might sound crazy but believe me, some people start to look for Christmas ideas as early as August! But there are also many who are starting just right now.

November and December are THE months that you need to really focus your efforts on sales.

However, knowing every single business out there is offering a “traditional sale” – it’s important for you to do something that is going to help you STAND out.


Give consumers an early sneak peak
Promote your holiday specials as early as possible when there’s still little competition. Host a preview sale to create the initial buzz!

Run a contest on social media
Get consumers excited about your brand. Social promos are a fun way to engage your audience. This is also a great way to collect new subscribers!

Create a Holiday-themed Pinterest board
A great place for holiday marketing is Pinterest! Over 62 million people will search gift ideas and inspiration for holidays from Pinterest. That’s quite a lot of potential shoppers out there! Leverage curated content that speaks to your seasonal offerings. Use holiday keywords combined with your products to optimize pins to your products and holiday blog posts.

Send cards to loyal members
It’ll help your business stand out amongst tons of promotional email that are being sent out during this season. Thank your customers for their support. It’s a simple gesture that can make a big impact.

Don’t make all your emails promotional
Give your subscribers a breather and wish them a happy holiday season by sending a e-card from your team.

Customize your email template
To reflect the changes in the season, add a holiday-themed header into your messages so your customers can get into the spirit to make a purchase.

Make a gift guide
Remember the old days where you’d get a catalog in the mail filled with products to buy for the holidays? Make one. A digital version and call it your Holiday Gift Guide.
A gift guide can showcase all the products you want to highlight for holiday sales. You can do this as a blog post or even as a digital magazine. Link to the products you mention and promote that to your social media audience, email list, and even run an ad behind it.

Host an exclusive holiday event
Offer customers a special incentive with purchasing or a one-day sale.

Examples of a special incentive could be:

Buy One Get One Free
BONUS with Purchase
20% Off For a Limited Time
$10 Off For a Limited Time

A one-day sale or flash sales as they’re also called, are becoming popular because they are SO effective! They’re big discount sales for a limited time, usually within 24 hours. The urgency of the sale makes people take action right away and your sales can get a nice cash injection.

Start planning post-holiday
A new trend among consumers is waiting until after the holiday rush to score the best deal.


There you have 9 Holiday marketing ideas to start implementing right away. Before you start overthinking about which one is going to work the best – pick one to try out! The only way to know what your audience is really going to love the most, is to test it.


A few tips to make the most of your promotion:



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