If you’re like most business owners, you probably feel like your marketing activities are never-ending. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to spend on a complex marketing campaign.

To accomplish some of your basic marketing, you can set aside just ONE hour a day for your marketing activities. It’s incredible how much you can get done in an hour if you are focused and plan it out.

1. Schedule weekly social media content

Creating social media posts can be time assuming if it’s not already planned and scheduled ahead of time. Use a social media management tool to plan out the posts of the week.

2. Research industry trends

Stay on top of your industry by researching the most recent changes and news. Pull up google and do a quick search to find out what’s going on right now.

3. Do a competitor research

You should always keep track of your competitors. Analyze their social media, website, and blog to see what they are doing differently and what works for them.

4. Brainstorm topics for your blog posts

Every blogger can get writer’s block and loose inspiration of what they should write about next. To avoid this, brainstorm some topics you want to write about in the future.

To get inspired:

  • Use keyword from a previous keyword research
  • Search keywords on Buzzsumo to see what topics are popular
  • Look at your competitors for inspiration
  • Make a post out of readers or customers questions

5. Repurpose an old blog post

You won’t be able to write a new blog post in an hour or less but you can repurpose an old blog post.

Pick a popular blog post you have and choose parts of the content to rewrite while you’re also adding some more content to create a new post out of it. Add backlinks to your old post and other similar posts on your blog. Make sure not to copy paste any of the old content in your new post – google doesn’t like duplicate content.

6. Do keyword research

Identify the keywords and topics you want to target.

Keep them in a spreadsheet or add the keywords to your editorial calendar so you know what to use in your upcoming blog posts.

7. Do some internal linking

Go through your blog posts and website pages to find relevant content to link internally. Internal link building is a fundamental part of SEO and helps your posts to rank higher on search engines but also make it easier to find on your site.

8. Check your website analytics

You don’t need to dig deep into the analytics but you should have an understanding of how people find your site, how long they spend on a page and where your visitors are located.

Keep track of this data by exporting the data into a PDF or by keeping it in a spreadsheet. Compare the data week to week and month to month to see if your visitors increase/decrease and how other metrics change.


All marketing tasks don’t need to be complex and take hours to finish. In one hour, you should be able to get some of the basic tasks in your marketing strategy done. This is perfect if you find very little time for marketing but a huge need for it.

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