Getting traffic to your site but no sales? 😫 You might need to optimize your website to convert more sales.

You need to go through your site to see what exactly your visitors see when they land on your website. What can motivate them to hit the “Buy Now” button?

If you want to grab your store visitors’ attention from the first second, check out these tips below! These are a few strategies you can implement on your site to make shoppers buy on impulse and help your business flourish!


1. Do your products catch people’s attention? Focus on image quality and product title.

2. Make the checkout easy and include multiple payment options and free shipping.

3. Build trust with reviews.

4. Don’t give customers too much choice. With too many choices, people tend to get overwhelmed and indecisive. Limit the options and you’ll see more add-to-carts.

5. Make sure your store is mobile-friendly.

6. Optimize load speed.

7. Make sure FAQ and customer service are easy to find.

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