Wanna know the best way to find your dream job? Create it.

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These past months have made all of us prettttyyyy creative… I’m sure most of you have learned a new skill, experimented and had some fun doing creative projects with your kids.
Imagine turning all that fun creativeness into something real. Your DIY products can turn into more than a hobby.

This checklist is for you if you are…








ready to work from home


If you haven’t started creating DIY products yet, don’t worry! I also included a bonus list with 26 suggestions of eCommerce products you can make yourself!

A Note From The Instructor…

These past months made me realize that I never want to depend on anybody to feed me and my family… You have to depend on YOU and your capabilities and your gift in order to dig yourself out of holes.
If you are a DIY lover, then making your own products to sell could be a great option for you! #craftymom
Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom, maybe you lost your job, or maybe you just want to create a career for yourself that gives you more freedom and time with your loved ones… ❤️
I’m here to help you along the way so I will be giving away a free checklist to make your own products + 26 suggestions of eCommerce products you can make yourself!

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